How to wear a cockring

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Everything You Need to Know About … Cock Rings


What is a cock ring?


You’ve probably heard of this sex toy. Basically, a cock ring wraps around the base of your penis, often taking in your balls too. It feels good (once you get used to it), and massively increases sensation, making receiving oral or giving anal sex more intense. Of course, you can use them solo as well.


As an added bonus, they frame everything nicely, showing everything off to its best advantage and when you're wearing your best underwear it'll enhance your bulge nicely. There are a massive range of designs and materials for fetishists to choose from. Here’s a quick run-through to get you started.



The most popular option. Often made of silicon, these soft circles are easy to remove. They’re also cheaper, so ideal if you fancy a play with something new. Just be aware you might need to try a few to find the best fit.  


At Haus of Montagu, we recommend the Oxballs Ultraballs Night Edition for a velvety finish. Or try their Puppy Cockring if you fancy howling with pleasure.



As the name suggests, you can adapt these to fit your unique shape and size. Choose from Leather or other options.



A built-in vibrator seriously ups the intensity here, sending waves of pleasure through your base and shaft. If you’re a Dom, wearing one of these is a great way to reward your sub.



Only for the experienced. These are often made of leather or metal, so take care that you’ve got the right fit and be aware of how long you can keep one on.


If you feel ready for it, we recommend the Acorn Ring by Steel Power Tools, made from high-grade stainless steel.


How do cock rings work?


Basically, they help keep you hard by slowing the blood flow right down around the shaft of your cock. Less can flow out, so it keeps everything in place. Best of all, you can expand to maximum capacity.


Are cock rings safe?


Yes, of course. But you do need to use them correctly. Most importantly, keep your cock ring on for 20-30 minutes max. Take regular breaks.


Your cock ring should never cause you pain or numbness – take it off straight away if it does. You might be using the wrong size or have an underlying medical issue that needs attention.


Treat your ring (and your cock) with love. Fortunately, our experts have sketched out the basics of how to use your ring below.


How to use a cock ring


Use lube

One word – lube. We always recommend water-based. As with many things in life, it’s a lot easier when things can slide in and out easily. Shaving or trimming will make things even smoother.


Find your best fit

Make sure your ring is the perfect size. Start with a stretchy one, which, as we said earlier, will be easier to remove. Don’t be too ambitious with tightness – use the minimum you need to maintain your erection. Think snug, not constricting. You can build up little by little as you become more experienced.


Accept yourself as you are and you’ll be fine. It’s helpful to measure yourself – a piece of string or measuring tape will do the trick. Gently but firmly wind it around the base of your cock and behind your balls.


Take your time

Cock rings create a very distinctive sensation, so give yourself a bit of time to get used to it. It might take a few goes (though of course feel free to stop if it’s not for you). For some, the unique feeling can become quite addictive.


How to put it on …


Start with your balls – it makes life a lot easier. Largest goes through first.

Then, pull through some scrotum to help it drop down before pulling through your other ball.


Followed by the remaining scrotum.

Now it’s time for your cock. Fold him down and aim your tip underneath the ring. Then, pull the ring towards your body with one hand, whilst holding your tip with the other. Finally, adjust the ring to make sure it’s in prime position.


And take it off …


Go through the previous steps (in reverse, of course) when you’re flaccid. Use extra lube if you need it. If you’re struggling, try a cold shower – this is the one time the chill factor will be a benefit.

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