E-STIM Black Collection - Small


E-STIM Black Collection - Small

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The Black Collection Small is the first of a family of rounded and curvy BiPolar electrodes starting here and going all the way up to the substantial XL. All are based on E-Stim Systems very popular Bobble but larger and with their luxurious Satin finish.

The smooth spherical head allows it to slide in gently and the dual waisted design helps it to stay in place and also means it can either be inserted just as far as the black insulator, focusing those sensations around the opening. Or by inserting that bit further to the second waist it takes those sensations that bit deeper, delivering those tingles to the parts others don't reach.

Like the majority of E-Stim Systems' Premium Electrodes the contact points are top and bottom rather than side to side, providing a more natural feeling action when the electrode moves and is suitable for both vaginal and anal stimulation.

As with all E-Stim Systems Premium Electrodes the Black Collection Small is covered by E-Stim Systems Lifetime Guarantee.

Size Length 112mm, Diameter 44mm
Insertable Length 84mm
Weight 331g



Fitted with 4mm connectors for use with E-Stim Systems standard 4mm cable. The wider base is ideal for E-Stim Systems Low Profile Cable and we recommend using it if you are considering longer term insertion.


Cleaning is simple and easy, The Black Collection Small can be washed off in hot water with light detergent and then wiped dry. Do NOT use caustic cleaning substances as this may damage the electrode. Make sure the electrode is fully dry including the sockets before storage.

For a more thorough clean it can be disassembled and the metal parts washed separately just make sure to follow the instructions when re-assembling.


We recommend the use of water based lubricant for play so as to ensure easy insertion and good conductivity. Do NOT use silicone or Hybrid lubricants. Please note condoms cannot be used with E-Stim Systems electrodes.