HAUS OF MONTAGU Hardware Seven Pinwheeler

Haus of Montagu

HAUS OF MONTAGU Hardware Seven Pinwheeler

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This beginner's pinwheel might look fierce, but its bark is far greater than its nibble of a bite. Amazing for first time sensory play, its 7 rows disperse delicate tingles across a wide area of skin to leave you super sensitive to subsequent touches.

Unlike single-row pinwheels which concentrate sensation to a tiny area for intense, precise stimulation, this 7 row version spreads the feeling across a 1-inch wide area for reduced intensity. Spreading the sensation this way treats the receiver to a diluted, more-tingly-less-spiky experience that's gentle and inviting.

Move onto a 1-wheel pinwheel, feather ticklers or spankers to discover the fun you can have with your lovers newly enhanced sensitivity.


  • 7-row stainless steel pin wheel for all over skin stimulation
  • Perfect for enhancing overall sensitivity for greater pleasure during play
  • 7 rows of pointy spikes spread sensation for widespread sensation
  • Weighty design intensifies stimulation with minimal effort