MISTER B Hardware Vibrating Sound 16 cm
MISTER B Hardware Vibrating Sound 16 cm
MISTER B Hardware Vibrating Sound 16 cm

Mister B

MISTER B Hardware Vibrating Sound 16 cm

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The Mister B Vibrating Urethral Sounds are a great way to take your sounding play to the next level. This extra-long, vibrating wand is perfect for those who need that extra push. It has a 7mm diameter at its thickest part, so it’s not for a newbie, but great for anyone who already likes sounding with metal wands. It will be strong and intense and sure to be a good time for a kinky sounder. Ideal for users who crave intensity.

If you are looking to take your sounding to the next level, look no further!

This Mister B Vibrating Urethral Sound is part of a series of tantalizing, vibrating sounding tools. A great way to continue training yourself with sounding. You can stretch your urethra with incremental upgrades in dilator sizes and supplement that training with a vibrating sound to ease that hole with pulsing sensations along the way. The vibrator is battery operated and easy to use. This is a very convenient vibrator you will love to use over and over again.

Be sure to always use lube and disinfect your toy before each use.

  • Full length : 29 cm
  • Insertable part length: 16 cm from which the thicker first part is 4 cm.
  • Diameter insertable part: 7 mm / 10 mm
  • Stainless steel
  • Black zip-up case to carry and protect it included.
  • Requires AAA batteries, not included.