HAUS OF MONTAGU Silicone Bit Gag
HAUS OF MONTAGU Silicone Bit Gag

Haus of Montagu

HAUS OF MONTAGU Silicone Bit Gag

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This silicone bit-style gag is designed for comfort and pleasure. Made of rugged yet soft silicone, the gag and strap are vegan and easily sanitized. With adjustable straps, the gag fits most wearers, and the strong locking clasp ensures that once the gag is in place, it won’t go anywhere until you’re done. Equipped with multiple attachment points, you’ll find this to be the perfect all-around, best-in-show accessory for your restraint needs and whimsies.

Product Details: Straps adjustable from 38-53 cm (15-21 inch) Bit Gag Diameter: 1.9 cm (0.75 inch) Length of Bit Gag: 10 cm (4 inch) Food Grade Silicone Nickel plating/Brass/Zinc/Steel Locking Buckle