OXBALLS Puppy Cockring


OXBALLS Puppy Cockring

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This beautiful NEW cock ring from Oxballs is guaranteed to make all the pup’s howl in pleasure. Oxballs have introduced the PUPPY Cockring, made from their famous platinum grade silicone that is deliciously firm but with enough give to fit all girth sizes comfortably. The PUPPY cock ring features a hanging silicone chain and bone shaped ’NAME TAG’ reading PUPPY. The cockring holds your cock and balls away from the body for extra help keeping hard and a stronger ejaculation.



Inside Diameter: 1.1/2"/3.5cm

Height: ½"/1.5cm

Outside Diameter: 2.1/4"/5.5cm

Weight: 1.8oz./59 grams


Made from Pure Platinum Cure Silicone that can be used with ANY lube of your choice. Please note that silicone and oil based lubes are not to be used with condoms.