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PJUR CULT Ultra Shine Spray for Rubber and Latex | 250ml

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John Hussey (johnhu11)
Shine and Smile

It’s so satisfying and easy to use well done you guys

adam white (addsieboy)

Will use again

Super service

Fast delivery, great item, nice personal touch.

Pjur Cult Ultrashine Spray does exactly what is say on the tin, it gives your favourite latex and rubber clothes ultra-shine whilst protecting and treating the material. The formula is long-lasting and resistant to dirt, not sticky and leaves no spots.

Simply spray Pjur Cult Ultrashine spray on your fetish gear to give it an immediate intensive shine, plus a super soft and smooth feel. The great news is at the same time you’re protecting your clothes so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Perfume free, it’s packaged deliberately in a 250 ml pump-spray bottle and not in an aerosol with dubious propellant gases, so you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment at the same time.

Intensive shine effect

No re-polishing thanks to the ultra-fine spraying film;

Treats and protects;

Instructions for use: The product is easy to use: Spray the rubber and latex clothing from ca. 30 cm away. Confer a shine effect as desired. No extra polishing is needed – that’s all it takes!