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Vivishine The Complete Bundle | Latex/Rubber Care & Dressing Aid | Save 10%!

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Vivishine The Complete Bundle | Latex/Rubber Care & Dressing Aid | Save 10%!

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We've put together the perfect bundle to ensure your latex/rubber is cared for to help prolong its life and to help give you the shine to make jaws drop! We've even included a free storage bag to help you transport it on your travels and keep it safe.

Save 10% versus buying it all separately.

Bundle consists of;

1x Fresh Up Wipes Box (x10)

1x Vividress (250ml)

1x Vivispray (250ml)

1x Viviwipe

1x Viviclean (250ml)

1x Vivishine (150ml)

Fresh Up Wipes

Perfect shine always and everywhere. For example, at parties after taking off your coat, at shootings and outdoor. Rekindle the shine with a wipe.

VIVISHINE fresh up is unique and exclusively available from us. The idea was born out of practice. High-gloss polished latex tends to attract lint or become a little dull when sitting or when under a coat. The personal and smallest polishing station in the world is responsible for the remedy: VIVISHINE fresh up optimizes the latex shine in a wipe.

A packet contains ten airtight wrapped single wipes, which are soaked in VIVISHINE and ready for use with a handle. The ideal and practical perk for parties, shootings or outdoor. The soaked cloth in the single pack does not dry off and does not produce any spray mist.


Let’s be honest, squeezing into latex or rubber is quite an art … but then, that’s all part of the fun. Vividress makes pulling your gear over your thighs (or chest, or biceps) a whole lot easier. It’s also odourless and solvent-free.

Vividress has that bit more fluidity than other products, meaning less stickiness. It moisturises your skin under the latex too. And – a big bonus – it reduces the risk of stretching and tearing.

To use, apply to the inside of your outfit and slide in. Tight gear? Smooth it straight onto your skin like a body lotion.


Need to top up the shine? Vivishine Spray keeps things mirror smooth between washes. Think of it as some extra TLC for your beloved latex. 

The bottle has a carefully designed head to precisely deliver the optimum amount of product. A fine mist covers your gear, giving instant shine. If you’ve got any worn patches (like the knees), a shot of Vivshine Spray will bring things back to life.

For best results, spray directly onto the latex, from a distance of 20-30cm. You can also use a Viviwipe to swoosh it over.


Viviwipe loves latex almost as much as you do. This super-soft cloth has been carefully crafted to keep your gear extra glossy for hours on end. You won’t get any annoying static, either. Plus, it lasts for ages.

In terms of fabric quality, Viviwipe goes a step beyond microfibre (and at a cheaper price too). Think optimised viscosity giving an ultra-dry shine – no greasy residue here, thank you. It will also pick up every last bit of dust and lint to ensure nothing comes between your latex and the light. 


Latex is demanding, but definitely worth it. You must love it enough to take care of it, giving your gear a thorough wash after each wear. Fortunately, Viviclean makes that a whole lot easier.

It’s ultra-thin, so mixes evenly with the water straight away. Viviclean gets into every nook and cranny of your gear, so sweat and smoke don’t stand a chance. Plus, it rinses off like a dream, leaving no trace whatsoever.

To use, hand wash your gear (or toys) in lukewarm water. If you’ve acquired a lot of stains, a 30-minute soak will sort things out.


Rekindle that just-bought feel with this miracle worker. When it comes to keeping your gear glossy for hours on end, Vivishine is unbeatable. It goes right into the fabric, giving a real depth to the sheen.  

Vivishine replaces your silicon spray, crème and other polishing stuff, lowering your impact on the environment. Plus, a small dose goes a long way, so it’s economical.

To use, wash your gear thoroughly, ideally with some Viviclean. Then, add a shot to a few litres of clear water and give it a short soak.

& voila, this is literally everything you need to keep your latex/rubber gear looking like new.